How it started

Let’s start telling the story that we have inspired to spread 100% heat with Fabs World.

It all started about 10 years ago behind the kitchen table in Hattem. Children’s rooms with pencil and paper were brought to life by the purchase of beds and decoration. In several places, products were purchased to create an appropriate whole. Inspired by these children’s room items, Fabs World came on my way. A company, with surprising designs and products that threatened to stop. After meeting with the then owner (s) in 2012, they left me a platform that formed the basis of what Fabs World is today.

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Since 2012, Fabs World has continued embroidering on the mission of the previous owner. This collection consists of care products. The high-quality textile products are made Fair-Trade in a small studio in Bangkok or in a job project in northern Thailand. With this she spread 100% warmth to the little ones for whom the products were made, but also for the people who made it. All these products are handmade, making them all “unique”.

During a work trip in Thailand in 2016 we are going to think about our roots … where it all started with .. design with pencil and paper. The passion and love for that part of the trade we went to pick up again, so Fabs World 2.0 developed a collection of self-designed themes and products in different categories: wrought iron ledges, decoration, gift and stationary items. The textile products are still made in the same way in Thailand, supplemented with Dutch soil products.

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